1. Randomly say potato when speaking to someone
  2. Yell right before you go to bed, ‘THE SHEEP ARE COMING’
  3. Look around suspiciously all the time
  4. Lick your finger and say, ‘tastes like cookies,’ and pretend nothing happened
  5. Tell everyone you are going to write a novel and then literally write ‘novel’ on a sheet of paper
  6. Ask someone what 28 divided by 7 is:
  7. Use cake frosting as war paint
  8. Go to school one day wearing a neon pink wig and pretend like you don't notice anything different
  9. Find a worm and hold it up for everyone to see. Scream "THIS IS THE SAVIOR OF HUMANITY! PRAISE HIM!"
  10. Create a tent made entirely of eggshells, take it to a camping store, and ask if you have permission to sell it at the store.
  11. Wear a box over your head wherever you go. If anyone asks about it, tell them it's for safety purposes.
  12. During a boring lecture, randomly pretend to misinterpret something the speaker says as "I like porpoises", and yell out "I LIKE PORPOISES TOO!"
  13. Throw a pillow at whoever opens the door of your room. Or you can just throw pillows at people in general. As long as it’s not your grandma. Or your school principal/neighbor/person who manipulated your genes to create you. Or your dog. Or your unusually hyper cat.
  14. Spend every lunch sitting under the table and meowing and eating Goldfish that people toss into your mouth.
  15. Order low-carb water at restaurants.
  16. Cover your skin in temporary tattoos.
  17. Put all of your condiments in a soap dispenser and bring it with you whenever you're having lunch.
  18. Choose 20 specific words that you always say with an accent.
  19. Always carry a pack of stick-on googly eyes with you and stick them on random items when nobody is looking.
  20. Go through all your friends’ most recent Facebook statuses at 2 AM and comment, “In this economy?”, no matter what they posted.
  21. If you see your friend step on an ant, say, “Oh no! What have you done?! Oh, little ant, your life was so short! Rest in peace!”
  22. Take the stickers off of fruit and stick them on the backs of random people.
  23. Carry a Harry Potter wand with you wherever you go and hiss at anyone who touches it. Yell "MUGGLE!" at those who ask what it is.
  24. Go into hysterics when someone says the word bunny
  25. Laugh maniacally when someone walks in the room
  26. Yell, ”IT’S MINE! ALL MINE!” when someone hands out vegetables (or anything you don’t like)
  27. Come up with an imaginary person and reference or quote them randomly
  28. Refuse respond when someone ends the sentence with “yeah”
  29. Take deep breaths and say nervously, “The hour has come to go into battle”
  30. When someone asks if you’re hungry, casually say, “nah, I just had my daily dose of flying squirrels.”
  31. Hold doors open for people and say: "Here ye is, ma'am/sir!"
  32. When you do an essay or report on yourself (Try this at the start of the school year), make it as sarcastic as possible, first making sure it's okay with the teacher
  33. When you see someone, yell "IT'S A CATZ!" and run away.
  34. Speak a language you made up to someone and say it's Spanish.
  35. Scream at puddles.
  36. Go into a closet in a furniture store, and when someone walks by burst out and yell “I’M FROM NARNIA!!!”.
  37. Make a paper crane. Show it to someone and say you're going to make it disappear. Eat it. Once you've finished chewing it and they stop gawking at you, say "Tastes like chicken" and pretend that nothing happened.
  38. Turn a chair upside down and try ridiculously hard to sit on it. Fall off and scream "THIS WRETCHED THING WON'T WORK PROPERLY!"
  39. Throw a clock at someone (preferably a small one, like an alarm clock, so they don't get a concussion. Then tell them, "Oh no, time really isn't your friend today, is it sweetie?" in the most sincere sympathetic voice you can. Bonus points if you do it in a Southern accent.
  40. Laugh hysterically when someone tells a joke that nobody else finds funny. Collapse and start writhing around while laughing.
  41. Go into a grocery store ask what year it is and when they answer run out screaming " I did it!"
  42. Fill an empty Windex bottle with blue Gatorade and spray it in your mouth.
  43. When you're late for class, hand out slips to everyone that say, "Your student arrived at class too early."
  44. When someone blames you for knocking a cup over, announce, "I WANT A LAWYER!" and bang your fists on the table.
  45. The next time you don't have money to buy what you wanna buy, shout, "I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!" Then walk away while inspecting your nails casually.
  46. Spend the entire day pretending like your book/movie character crush is dating you, and talk to them like they're standing right next to you.
  47. Shout, "DUCK!" randomly and watch everybody bend over and look around. Then when they look at you all confused, point at yourself and proudly say, "I am a strange duck!"
  48. Set up a stand selling blades of grass from the ground beneath your feet for 3.99 an ounce.
  49. Start crying when an unpopular or unnecessary character dies in a movie that you're watching with family/friends. Then moan, "MY POOR LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL!" Then pull out an actually cinnamon roll from your pocket and say, "I accidentally sat on it."
  50. Stand on a chair and clap to get everyone's attention. Then, look at everyone expectantly like there's something they should be saying to you. When nobody says anything, shout, "FINE!" and run out of the room going, "BEE-DOO-BEE-DOO-BEE-DOO."
  51. If you ever come across a conversation involving brains in any way, scream "BEES NOT WASPS!" and run away cursing wasps.
  52. Make up a new dance move and start vigorously doing it in the middle of the sidewalk. Clap for yourself and bug people for money.
  53. Make a random shrieking noise and then say, "you're welcome" to who ever's with you, because they just got to listen to your amazing concert FOR FREE.
  54. Do the macarena but whenever you get to the end sing "DUCKS DANCE BETTER" instead.
  55. Write someone's name who you hate (from a movie or book) in hearts and red ink and when someone notices/confronts you about it say dreamily, "I hate them so much," and continue writing hearts and staring dreamily.
  56. Shout "THE SKY IS FALLING" and then throw clouds and sky (cotton balls and blue paper) and people while screaming hysterically.
  57. Say you hate a certain food and then stuff your face with it like you've never eaten before.
  58. Before leaving a room, say "gRoSs, I thought I saw Windex" and look around nervously.
  59. Scream "I HAVE TO USE THE RESTROOM" and start jumping around like you have to pee. When you have everyone's attention, stop and say calmly, "I got a little speck of dirt on my finger I just have to wash off."
  60. Try to do the splits and if you it doesn't work say, "Well, that is what I meant, Linda." Bonus points if there's a Linda watching.
  61. Say, "Excuse me, but I think there's a wasp in my soup," to a waiter at a restaurant and point to your non-soup plate of food. Bonus points if you get them to give you a new plate of food.
  62. Eat six blades of grass and exclaim, "WOW I LOVE NATURE!!"
  63. Start talking in a Southern accent and inform people that you are experimenting in French culture.
  64. Go up to someone who looks like you (or someone who doesn’t look like you) and say that you’re them from the future.
  65. Start telling someone you have a crush on someone, and when they ask who, describe every detail about them, pretending not to know that it's that person you are describing.
  66. Offer someone a glass of water by saying, "I'm thirsty. Would you like some dihydrogen monoxide?"
  67. Randomly screaming "Rights for Bananas!" during at school.
  68. Saying "eel" instead of "evil".
  69. While eating Goldfish snacks (The snack that smiles back!) hold one up and scream on top of your lungs BABY SHARK DOO DOO DOO DOO and then make them eat the person nearest you
  70. Stand on top of your school and scream, "SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK DUCK!" and start dancing.
  71. Stare at people for a straight 5 minutes then say sadness
  72. Throw a paper airplane then scream “Waffles” at the nearest person and run away
  73. At random depressing times, say “And thus begins the end of the world.”
  74. At the end of a conversation say, “But wait! The turtle died.”
  75. Invite someone to a Tea Party on MARSHMELLOW Clouds
  76. Slowly stand up in class, Get everyone’s attention then say ”Pickles are actually the president.” Then sit down and thank everyone for their attention.
  77. Speak only in backwards sentences for one day.
  78. Create a petition 'Votes for Ducks', then go around trying to get people to sign it. Bonus point is you make up a bunch of signatures from ducks, and use them to prove your petition is popular among the duck community, and that they will likely get their revenge on anyone who doesn't sign.
  79. Memorize a long section of Lorem Ipsum placeholder text (go to "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteur adpliscing elit...". Go up to someone and just start reciting it in an overly dramatic conversational voice until they start walking away. When they do, start yelling insults in another language you made up.
  80. Paint a loaf of bread.
  81. The next time you eat at a restaurant, make a scene by standing on your table and screaming about how horrible the soup is -- even though you didn't actually order any soup -- and that you're going to go to the kitchen to complain. Then calmly walk into the kitchen and politely ask if you could have a cookie.
  82. Get a bowl of raw rice. Start eating it. If people look at you weirdly, stare at them like they have three heads.
  83. be a mongoose lol x3
  84. Talk like that when you're typing, writing, and even speaking out loud. For emoticons, actually say each letter that it is composed of out loud (ex three)
  85. Whenever anyone comes near your house run outside and start hopping while screaming "HIPPETY HOPPITY GET OFFA MY PROPERTY!"
  86. Yell at people in 3+ different languages in the same sentence. Ex: Callate bakas con los fus of nekos!
  87. Finish all of your sentences with "In accordance with the prophecy."
  88. Dontuseanypunctuation
  89. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.
  90. Randomly switch accents every five seconds.
  91. Walk up to a random person and act like they are your long lost twin. Bonus points if they actually have a twin.
  93. When somebody insults you, just say: "TeLL tHaT tO yOuR miRrOr!" And throw confetti.
  94. In the middle of July on a plane, scream "APRIL FOOLS!" then calmly sit down.
  95. Pull the fire alarm and set your failed test on fire
  96. Type iinn four letr wrds becz ittt izzz funn, xdee
  97. Go up to a flight attendant on an airplane and steal their hat.
  98. Insult a dumby by calling them a Walmart Version.
  99. Ask for extra chicken on a vegetarian order. If whoever you are ordering from stares at you weirdly, throw forks at them.
  100. Speak gibberish and pretend you're speaking Latin
  101. yeet forks at rude waiters
  102. In school, recite a different Ad every class
  103. Give somebody a sugary drink, then say, "Be careful, it has a lot of (2R,3R,4S,5S,6R)-2-[(2S,3S,4S,5R)-3,4-dihydroxy-2,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)oxolan-2-yl]oxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)oxane-3,4,5-triol!" Then smile.
  104. Butt into a random conversation, then interrupt people by saying, "Don't you love calenders?" Then stare into space dreamily
  105. When you order a drink from Starbucks, use the most complicated name and insist that they pronounce it and spell it correctly
  106. Another way to be weird at Starbucks: When they ask for your order, say "Lorem ipsum" and walk away
  107. Perch on a fire hydrant and squawk at cars like you’re a demented bird. If they honk, bonus points!
  108. Randomly say, “Donkey Underlords Call Karl Stupid.” When people look at you like you’re crazy, say, “DuCkS!”
  109. Have a mental breakdown about tree stumps.
  111. Learn how to swear in as many languages as you can, then yell all those swear words at school. Ex: Mẹ kiếp, cac, くそー
  112. Have a mental breakdown over a character from a show you don't even watch.
  113. If you’re having a classroom debate, stand up, hesitate while making exaggerated thinking expressions, and then slowly and loudly say “I agree.” Then sit down like you made a profound statement.
  114. Carry a big stick wherever you go, wield it menacingly, and tell people to get out of your house, even if you are in someone else’s house.
  115. At a Mexican restaurant, sing It's Raining Tacos loudly and horribly. Bonus points if you hold up a taco and drop it.
  116. At school, yell "Hammer time!" Then start dancing.
  117. Sing the Harry Potter theme while walking into your school, then the Darth Vader one from Star Wars while walking into your classroom.
  118. Randomly point out the fact that a dress is just a socially acceptable onesie.
  119. Pick a random word, (ex. kerfuffle), and use it in every sentence for the rest of the day.
  120. Listen to I Like Trains,(yes it's a song) at full volume, with no headphones or earbuds, in a public place. Bonus points if you sing along and dance!
  121. tYpE LiKe THiS
  122. Go to a restaurant and order a burger without meat, and be explicitly clear that you do not desire a veggie burger.
  123. Ride a box fan as a horse.
  124. In class, if you get caught passing notes, eat the notes. (also a life hack)
  125. Walk up to a random person, and yell “Maureen, I’m not a theatre person!” Bonus points if there is a Maureen watching. Extra bonus points if you find a RentHead and you start screaming “Christmas bells are ringing, somewhere else! Not here...”
  126. Have a pet Ice Cube. In public, yell, “Oh, Mr Icy, I Do not deserve you!“
  127. Walk up to someone when you are at a supermarket, and show them a potato. Say “Mr Potato!” Like Peppa Pig would.
  128. When someone asked about your day, say “I feel like a trashcan with a broken Simon game on top of it that keeps going beep-ity beeeeeeeee like a fire alarm except the fire alarm is secretly a rubber chicken.“
  129. Have a workout competition with a pancake. The pancake will win if it develops strong abs and turns into a waffle. You will win if you eat the other contestant.
  130. Make up a book series then take your friend to the bookstore and keep changing the genre so they end up spending hours looking for your book
  131. At a formal event, wear half a face of makeup and leave the other half of your face blank.
  132. Make random animal noises.
  133. When you’re at a grocery store, have a romantic love scene with a kiwi.
  134. Go up to a random person and tell them about your relationship with strawberries.
  135. Go outside with one shoe and yell uno botas! I don’t think botas is boots in Spanish but do it because you can.
  136. Go up to your teacher one day, and tell them that someone stole your homework. When they ask who, tell them you don't know, but describe exactly what they look like, pretending not to notice that you're describing yourself.
  137. Interrupt a serious, in-depth conversation by asking someone if they ever stopped to think about how an thought is an idea caught in the fangs of consciousness. Prove this point by using geometry, wisdom, and tangerines, and see how long it takes them to notice that you're actually not saying anything important at all
  138. Secretly carry a parachute that says "Don't doubt my methods" on the top of it everywhere you go. If you're in a skyscraper and someone tries to get you to do something you don't want to do, give them a look and say, "You know what? Not gonna happen. AND I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, FREEFALLLINGGGGGGG" and then jump out the window and open the parachute while still singing.
  139. Bring a cleverly-disguised lighter to a public place and try to convince people that you're a Pyrokinetic
  140. If someone invites you to a party, don't say whether you're coming or not until you ask "Will there be Sparkle Fanny a la Mode?"
  141. Call your local law firm with an inquiry regarding civil rights for ducks. Tell them that you saw a duck forced to eat scraps and beg at the sides of tables, and nobody would help him, and when he tried to eat the food he truly deserved, he was slapped away by an angry child. Tell them you find this appalling, and that the child who stopped the duck should be given a proper trial. If they say no, scream at them in Goldfish.
  142. Throw muffins at people while singing the muffin song.
  143. Stand in a crowded room and yell “Everybody do the flop!!” and see what happens.
  144. The next time one of your friends suggests something to do, frown and say "Isn't that a human thing?"
  145. In PE class, if you're doing a time-limited run, when half the time limit is up, start scream-singing the chorus to Livin' On A Prayer. (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA WE'RE HALF WAY THERE, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA, LIVIN ON A PRAYER)
  146. Become fluent in a language for the sole purpose of learning to yell at people in it
  147. Take a chair into an elevator, face away from the door, and when someone walks in, then around and say, "I've been waiting for you."
  148. Every morning, put a sticker in your pocket. Then, stick it onto the first person you see and slowly back away.
  149. The next time your dog (or any dog, really) steals a dropped scrap or some food off of someone’s plate, scream “SWIPER, NO SWIPING!” at it.
  150. Go outside during a rainstorm and scream-sing Have You Ever Seen The Rain until someone yells at you to stop. Then throw a CD at them and storm off (hehe see what I did there?)
  151. When your standing in front a mirror, and someone walks in, pretend you don't see them and start studying your stomach, and mummer, "Gosh, 7 weeks and I don't have a bump yet!" and then pretend to be startled, but when they look at you weird say, "I wrecked my car I need a new bumper."
  152. Squeeze yogurt on pizza in a public place. (It's really good.) When people stare, say, "I'm sorry for being rude, do you want some?"
  153. 153. Start annoying everybody by singing: "LALALA, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, LALALA, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, LALALA, HAPPY TO BE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

154. When ordering from Starbucks or some other place where they want your name, tell them what your name is james then say its spelled imaduck

155. On a national holdiay (especially celebratory ones) go to a public space, stand on an elevated surface, snort and yell, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

156. When someone walks in the room, stand on a table and scream, “ITS TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!” at the top of your lungs.

157. Butt in to a random person’s conversation and say, “excuse me, madam (no matter their gender), would you like a nice cold taco?!”

158. When someone says “bad”, say “guy, duh”, then proceed to sing the rest of the song.

159. When your teacher comes, go to the door and shout in Gandalf's voice "You shall not pass!"

160. Raise your hand, yelling “pick me! Pick me!”. When your teacher calls on you, ask them what is the meaning of life, then launch into a lecture on how ducks are life and how trees are effecting the government.

161. When you get a bad grade on your test, insist your teacher go over every single question with you. Pretend to be confuzzled with every question and mutter, “but that’s a potato…”

162. Turn every sentence into a musical production. (I can sing and ask for breakfast all at once!)

163. Tell your friend that you are a waffle and that they are the syrup. Then ask why you have to be the waffle and that you want to be syrup. then wail and say that you want a pony.

164. Bring a potato to a sleepover and tell everyone you've been sleeping with it since 1911.

165. When someone asks you what you ate (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snac, dessert..), tell them that you don't eat ducks.

165. Go up to a random person and tell them your name is Gregory the 2nd.

167. Wear all the jewelry you have to a formal event and tell everyone, "Ducks are more glamorous than you poor mortals!"

168. Impersonate Severus Snape in front of somebody. After, squeal and say "I just manifested as a Polyglot!!!!" then run out of the room, muttering to yourself that you need another Exillium pin.

169. When you go to Starbucks, tell them your name is Primrose Everdeen, then when they call you, yell "I VOLUNTEER!!!!!'" then walk out of the coffee shop like you didn't do anything.

170. Tell your mom that you wanna be a hippie belly dancer when you grow up.

171. When someone insults you, bow down on one knee and say "you just made my day! I don't think anyone has ever said that to me!"

172. Learn a bunch of random facts and go up to random people and recite them in a casual conversational tone.

173. Refuse to play Duck Duck goose if someone says goose to you

174. Randomly give out autographs

175. Send a letter to a random person in Connecticut.

176. Yell "May the odds be EVER in your favor!" whenever it's someone's turn to solve a problem in front of the class at school

177. Create a slideshow about Lorem Ipsum. I did this and presented it in class.

178. Pretend to be a chicken when you’re doing a Zoom call. ”Accidentally” turn on your mike and camera and do the chicken dance during an important part.

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