1. You must be weird, obviously.

2. You have to message a captain or the forum to join, and we'll put you on here!

3. You must have a username and/or signature

4. You must give a captain an example of how you are weird. This example must have occurred within the past month.

5. In addition to existing as an exceptionally bizarre aquatic bird, you must pledge to be respectful and supportive of all users, and refrain from hostility of any sort.

6. Follow the KotLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines other than the rules about editing pages because we don't care about those here. (basic rules - no cursing, no vandalism, no bullying, no hate, no bashing, all content must stay PG-rated)

7. Due to multiple unfortunate events (broken message walls), the limit of <big> tags is 18. Do not, under any circumstances (unless given explicit permission by both Cress and Charlotte, and no one else) exceed this limit.

8. This is listed in the KotLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines as well, but please do not edit someone else’s user page without permission, and please do not delete someone else’s weird work without permission.

9. OPTIONAL: it is suggested for you to put something, doesn't matter if it's small or large, on your profile indicating that you are a part of this, but if you do not have an account, this rule does not apply to you. (Note: FANDOM users can still edit their own profiles, but this rule is still optional)

You do not have to have an account. You can join without an account, but you have to have something that we can call you. MagicDaydreamer did not have an account, but they use the name MagicDaydreamer, so they’re one of the founders. Welp... now they have an account, but you still don't need an account to join...!

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